Monday, 30 April 2012

I have prepared a bit of a mammoth post for today, mainly because I couldn't leave any of the below images out. Way back at Christmas we were at Dan's mums and she pulled out an album of the most delightful birthday cards, photo's and post cards belonging to her mum from the 1920s & 1930's; all lovingly preserved. I always see these at vintage markets but I think there is something extra special when you know the stories behind them. It is hard to pick a favourite, but I think the lady above might be it, I love the colour green of her bow, her coral lips and charm necklace - gorgeous! 
Look at the beautiful handwriting, there's something so romantic about it. With everything so digitalized these days, handwriting is becoming a lost art. These ladies are looking pretty good too; I know its all about the pixels, but you can't beat the depth of colour these cards have. The palette of soft green, yellow, pink and red is just delicious. 
The slightly evil looking cat makes me laugh, I wish they still made cards like this...

These portrait shots were too good to leave out. I would love the dress the lady in the top left is wearing, how amazing is her scalloped cape? Look at the rather dapper couple its a shame more people don't wear striped dungarees. Even the crumbly spine of the album gets me all excited. I used to print out my photo's religiously after every holiday/ big event but have got out the habit, I am definitely going to start again, who knows who'll be looking in 80 years time.

P.S - Thanks for all the really sweet comments on Friday's post, I made it through the weekend without a panic and got a few more bits ticked of the to-do list.

Floral Friday - How long?

Friday, 27 April 2012

The question of the week has been "how long?", before you start sniggering it isn't referring to anything rude its referencing that fact that I am getting married in 3 weekends time - yikes! People like to give me the count down in days, days left at work and in a run down of jobs I have yet to complete. Considering I'm not the most laid back of people, I'm doing pretty well in curbing my freakouts (but I think there might be one brewing). For the first time ever I have stopped worrying about the things I can't control and enjoyed the little moments that come with planning such a major milestone; the look on my little niece's face as she saw her bridesmaid dress, hearing about my best friends & sisters secret meet ups whilst hen weekend planning and my dad going out for dinner with Dan and his friends as one of the boys (my family is mainly female). They have been so special and I will treasure them as much as the big day itself. I hope you like this weeks flower, I found it on the pavement and fell in love with its beautiful colour and layers of orderly petals. Its just a simple thing but reminds me to notice the the small everyday details that don't cost a penny but bring infinite happiness. Have a great weekend, I'll be back in my corsage factory.

DIY - Chanel Pearl Clips

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Its that time of the month when I bring you a designer DIY, I have so much fun with these, if there is anything you would like me to try please drop me an email, tweet, pin, or instagram. So this month I have been inspired by the always fabulous Chanel, I have chosen their pearl hairclips as I read in a magazine that they were around £80 (I guess for that you get the interlocking C's and quality product) but for 80p you can DIY it. My go-to hair is always a messy bun so I thought these would jazz things up a treat, alternatively they'd be great for any chic bride, bridesmaid or guest at this summers up coming weddings. A tutorial is below, happy making! 
Image -
For this you'll need fine gauge wire, kirby grips and pearls (I used a mix of sizes and colours). 
First wrap your wire tightly at the base of the grip, leaving an "end" free. Then thread your pearl through the wire. Wrap the wire tightly around the grip, I wrapped back towards my pearl so there wasn't too much extra wire showing. Snip off the ends and your done. 

Blog of the Month - Junkaholique

Monday, 23 April 2012

Image - Junkaholique

I realised I missed posting a "Blog of the Month" in March - I am not sure it was missed! Anyway, here is my favourite for April, Junkaholique, this is probably the first blog I read on a regular basis. It is written by the very talented and extremely creative Artemis, not only is she  a fantastic jewellery designer but she takes the most beautiful photo's of her adventures and crafty projects too. Whenever I visit her blog I go away feeling completely inspired and have  the urge to go camping (her photo's of the countryside are so beautiful she should work for the British tourist board!). All posts are very funny and have a lot of references to tea and cake which I can totally relate too, plus she has a great cat called Plimsol. If you haven't already visited please pop along to Junkaholique it will be time well spent. 

DIY - Friendship bracelets

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Here's some DIY inspiration which seems particularly fitting after last weekends events.  If you go down to the shops today, you won't be able to move for tiny little friendship bracelets. I love them but them seem quite expensive to me, especially when you can make them so easily (and not to mention much cheaper). You'll only need a few supplies and I bet you have most of it already in your craft box. I used a mix of thin leather, cord and chain and finished all ends with a cord end and lobster clasp, each one took about 10mins which is ideal if you want to fill your wrist up quickly or have a lot of friends! I have put some ideas on how to make below, once you start the combinations keep flowing so i'll leave the rest up to you. Happy making. 

*This site looks like it does good cord ends if you need them.

Last weekend...

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

...I went "Glamping"! So last weekend was my hen weekend, my two best friends and sisters organised a complete surprise for me. I'm not normally one to let go of control or not know what's happening so it was quite liberating. For months now none of us have been able to talk about it, its been like a huge white elephant in conversation but somehow we all managed to keep it a secret and not ask any questions. I knew nothing until I got there (queue tears) and it was everything I hoped it would be; lots of laughter, silliness, a butler in the buff (not pictured) and a whole heap of very special dancing (again not pictured). 

We stayed in a mix of bell tents, a yurt and a vintage airstream trailer, which was so cute. The girls decorated our area with a mix of flowers, rude words and pictures, all so thoughtful and very me!  And there were actual hens which I couldn't have been more excited about - I love chickens!

It wasn't all hanging around a campfire, we did some serious learning too. We had a wine tasting evening with a nearly naked butler, which caused an initial bit of blushing and then turned into "Carry On Wine Tasting" and thats all I remember... We did a great cake baking class too, it was just what we needed to rest of weary selves and we all came away with a new skill. These girls really do know me well, even on a weekend off I still have to be making something! It was a fantastic weekend and I felt so lucky to be in the company such amazing ladies, I really can't wait for the wedding now. 

I don't know all the details of the weekend but if you want to "Glamp" here's the campsite, they organised the wine tasting too. And here are the details of the Cupcake Workshop.

Floral Friday - Packing Prints

Friday, 13 April 2012

As a write this I know I should be packing, at 1pm I am being picked up to go on my hen weekend. Its possibly been the best kept secret of all time as I have absolutely no idea as to where I am going or what I am doing. The only down side is packing, so far I have been told to bring leggings and a vest, flip-flops, a towel, something fancy to wear out oh and possibly some walking boots (huh?) - do you see my dilema? I know its going to be a mad dash where I throw things around in a mild panic and wished I never asked to be surprised (only joking girls) until then I'm going to take a deep breath count to ten and pack an assortment of floral, leopard and shiny things until I can't fit any more in my bag. I have put some of my newly purchased prints above, as they'll all be coming along for the ride. 

Trunk - Trousers H&M
Case -  Blazer Zara

P.S - Check out the Tattly blog today, my DIY - Printed Jars are making an appearance, I'm so excited. 

DIY - Printed Jars

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

 Here's a really quick DIY if you happen to have some temporary tattoos and old jars in close proximity, these took me about 5 minutes to put together. There is a bit of a story behind these, I first saw this jar  in an email from Liberty and fell in love it, I then got these Tattly tattoos from my Blogshop course (the designs were great but I'm not a tattoo girl) and finally I met friends at Drink Shop Do and they were selling similar printed jars. All the signs were there I had to make my own, its so so simple, just transfer the tattoo onto the jar, apply a layer of varnish and add something ribbony around the top - that really is it, picture tutorial below.
I'm using mine to cultivate my herb "garden" (some sprigs of rosemary on my window sill) and I have the Okay Let's Do This jar by my bed to give me a push to get up in the morning! Happy making. 

I joined Twitter

Monday, 9 April 2012

I had planned a lovely weekend round up post today but I have been some what distracted by joining Twitter, I know I  am probably the last person in the world to sign up but better late than never. If you would like to follow me as I go about me daily business then follow me @TweetingLotts I'd love to hear from you. If that wasn't enough I also joined Instagram too, follow me at there LottsandLots, I have been snapping away this weekend; cakes, chicks, vintage postcards and a few jewels. Any recommendations on who to follow are welcome. 

Fab Fluro's

Saturday, 7 April 2012

How amazing are these, just been searching for some weekend inspiration and look what I came heart just did a little leap! You can buy them here

Floral Friday - Flower Legs

Friday, 6 April 2012

Sometimes its fun to have flowery legs - here are a few that have caught my eye. If you haven't already give them a go, they're surprising flattering. 
1/ 2/ 3/ 4

Brighten up!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Life seems so much better when you get home from work, its still light outside and the sun is shining. I have embraced the switch of seasons whole-heartedly by mainly wearing the brightest colours possible. My new neon scarf (below) has been making me friends for the past week, random strangers have been smiling at me on the street, even the normally stoney faced lady in the canteen started speaking to me and said I was probably the brightest dressed person in the office... which I took to be a massive compliment! Here are a few snap shots of what has been brightening my days. 
Blue earrings brought in New York
Pink neon scarf on sale here
Red tea light holders from here

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