Shopping: Party Style

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

This weeks Christmas prep is shaping up nicely; so far I have managed to buy a few gifts and make some decorations which isn't bad for two days but now my thoughts have turned to party dressing. I never think that you should spend loads on going out clothes as they often end up getting spoilt pretty quickly. This time of year I look for dresses that are easy to wash, wear and dance in and can be worn repeatedly with different accessories. I have selected a few bits that I think would work well for the next few weeks - add your favourite black blazer or leather jacket on top and you are good to go. The best bit is everything is under £20 so if like me you are on a serious budget you can still look good. 
Dress - H&M
1 - Necklace 2 - Clutch 3 - Shoes 
4 - Necklace 5 - Clutch 6 - Shoes 


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