Floral Friday - Tage Anderson The Wonder Florist

Friday, 7 December 2012

I have gone post crazy this week, so I'm taking a breather to share this amazing studio/florist/workshop I saw whilst in CopenhagenTage Anderson was literally the very last place we walked past and by far the most incredible, I couldn't get all that I saw in my head (if that makes sense). There was so much to take in; displays of all shapes and sizes and layers upon layers of flowers, colour and things - it was just too much! I have been looking on the Tage Anderson website and would say he is a sculptor of flowers to put it simply but to me he is the Willy Wonker of flowers. I know that the pull of this store will make me visit Copenhagen again, its too fantastical not to. Have a super weekend xx
Tage Andersen Boutique and Museum, Ny Adelgade 12, DK-1104 Copenhagen K, Denmark


  1. So pretty, thank you for sharing this :) x

  2. Copenhagen is definitely on my must see list as soon as possible! And this place looks amazing - good find!

  3. I definitely recommend it, its a fab city. I really wish this place had been open. X


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