DIY - Stud Hairband

Friday, 28 December 2012

Here's a really easy DIY for you if you are getting a bit fidgety and can't eat anymore turkey. I made this in a rush for my friends wedding so I don't have any steps but I'm going to talk you through using a few of my favourite tutorials. 

For this project you'll need 2 meters of 7mm wide ribbon, a plain hairband, studs, double sided tape and strong glue. 

Step 1) Using this tutorial wrap the ribbon around your hair band

Step 2) Take a piece of ribbon and measure around your hairband then add 8cm to the end. 

Step 3) Take your studs (see this tutorial for supplier and how to stud) fasten them onto the ribbon starting 6cm from the end. Stop when you are 6cm from other end. 

Step 4) Mark the centre of the hairband and centre of the ribbon, Using strong glue apply a layer  of  glue to your hairband (a glue gun works really well). Place the studded ribbon onto the hairband working outwards.

Step 5) You should have a piece of ribbon about 4cm long on either end of your hairband, apply some more glue and fold the ribbon over end of the hairband onto the inside. Leave to dry and then you're ready to wear. 

Its very easy and will distract you from digging into the celebrations for about an hour - happy making! 


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