DIY - Sequin Christmas Decorations

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Here is another DIY Christmas decoration today, I made these as I was putting my tree up so they are super quick to make and look really pretty. I had all the materials in my craft supplies; oversize sequins, pearls and beading wire so they didn't cost me anything to make which is always welcome at this time of year. Here are the details...
First take a length of wire (about 30cm) and make a loop at one end. Bend the loop so it is at a right angle. 
 Thread your pearls and sequins, keep going until you have threaded about 20 beads and sequins
Take the end of the wire up to meet the loop, wrap around the end of the wire around the 'stand' and cut off any excess - there you have it a very simple festive DIY.  
I only made a few and mixed them in with all my other pieces I had hanging up, the sequins look great when the candle light reflects from them. Happy making!


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