DIY - Jeweled Shirt Collar

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Here's my latest sparkly tutorial for Craft tuts+, which I think is rather appropriate for the run up to Christmas. Having been ill for the last three weeks I am determined to find my Christmas spirit this week by mainly wearing sequins and generally up-ing my sparkle. I don't normally buy/wear really on trend items but this is a fun and really easy DIY to put together. I have become quite taken with it and will definitely be giving it a whirl over the next week or so. 

On another note - I brought all my gem stones (apart from the large ones) from this really great Ebay shop, there is a fantastic selection of stones and the delivery is impossibly fast. 

You can see my first Craft tuts+ tutorial here


  1. Great idea! I'm always so impressed with your glittery DIYs! Hope you're feeling better.

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  2. Thanks Elena - feels loads better but so very behind on Christmas prep. Never mind I'll be like a human disco ball whizzing around wearing this! xx

  3. hi there! i'm writing to tell you that you've won the kollabora giveaway on my blog! i can't find your email anywhere, so please email me at to redeem your prize! thanks!


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