A Handmade Christmas

Friday, 28 December 2012

December beat me; I couldn't keep up with doing and posting so I fell somewhat behind with my blog but now we're in that lovely lull between Christmas and New Year I can catch my breathe and share what I have been up to. I was determined to give my gifts so kind of home made spin even if some (most) were shop brought, I hand printed wrapping paper, made my own cards and went all out on gift tags! I did manage to make a few pieces for people which I will share over the coming weeks. Here's what I* made...

Starting with gift wrap, I printed giant spots using left over paint from my handmade stars using a deodorant lid. I made five meter long sheets in about 7 minutes. These were great for wrapping small gifts, I mixed them with a few gift bags and boxes to stop them looking too brown when they were all together.
The downside with handmaking cards last minute is you miss the post (sorry to anyone that didn't get one, yours will be with you next year!). Again these were really easy to make, I printed the tree using a triangle cut from a potato, once dry I drew on the gold and added a piece of wrapping paper to make the base. They worked out really well considering I was applying a craft a learnt at nursery school!
My gift tags were my favourite part of wrapping each person had their own unique tag, yes I did spend about 5 hours wrapping on Christmas Eve but it was so worth it. I had kept back some handmade stars and then added pearls, sequins, feathers and ribbon to make them into ornaments and used gold star stickers to spruce up plain luggage labels - beautiful! 
*So it wasn't just me handmaking this Christmas, my sister made these very sweet Santa's from strawberries. I couldn't eat mine at first as they were too cute, I soon got over it and ate about six! 
My mum was the only person that managed to give everyone a handmade gift, she's got into crochet in a big way and we all received one of these gorgeous cushions in colours to suit our personalities. I love mine and it now sits in my favourite chair.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas handmade or otherwise. xx


  1. Impressive job! I never seem to get all the things done that I had planned but I would say you were pretty successful.

    1. Ahh thanks, I had bigger plans but am pleased with how these all turned out.

  2. No worries about bloggy breaks, especially around the holidays. I'm trying to play catch up myself. Your present wrapping is just lovely! And those Santa strawberries are definitely too cute to eat, although they sure look tasty enough to devour. ;) Looks like you had a lovely holiday. Happy 2013!!

  3. Thanks Erica, sometimes you have to admit there is so much you can do. Happy 2013 to you too. x


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