The little things

Monday, 12 November 2012

I'm a morning person once I'm awake I'm good to go however, the getting out of bed part is what I struggle with. Today I thought I would share some of my essentials that ease the pain of getting up and help me get out of bed and onto the train a bit quicker.

Lets start with tea, I have about 3 cups before 10.30 but without this magic liquid I seriously wouldn't be able to do anything. A thanks to Keith Bryner Jones for the mug, its my new favourite - seriously a good mug is important!

Secondly lipstick, I normally have about 6 varying shades of red and pink in my bag a bright lip lifts the spirts no-end and stops me from looking totally washed out. My current favourites are; Revlon - Cherry Blossom, MAC - Girl About Town (actually this is my all time favourite) and MUA - shade 13

Pleat and prints, I usually alternate between a pleated or printed dress everyday.

Shoes - I'm just better in heels, especially if they are in some kind of snake, leopard or random colour. If  I can't be in heels then a sparkly ballet shoe does the trick.

Necklaces of course! I wear my own jewellery everyday, its become a security blanket if I wear something shop brought then I don't quite feel myself.

So tell me, what helps you get up and out the door in the morning?


  1. I'm the same...the thought of a cup of earl grey tea and a lovely hot shower always helps.

  2. I love your shoe collection! I am usually in a half daze until I get into work and have my first cup of tea!

  3. Fab pics and lovely post! I'll wake up tomorrow with a nice cup of tea that's for sure :)

    Eva xx

  4. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments - looks like we're all tea addicts, what would we do without it? X

  5. Jewellery and my cat of course, but I hate tea!Maybe that's because I am not used to it...Love your ideas!


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