Floral Friday - One positive thing

Friday, 9 November 2012

I realised that I haven't shared some real life flowers for Floral Friday in a quite a while, this is mainly because I haven't been to the supermarket in over a month and thats where I normally buy them (sorry, no farmers markets here). I picked these chaps from the over grown garden outside my flat in the open air they were bright blue but as soon as I got them in a jug they had turned purple, I think its something to do with the UV rays...but please correct me if I'm wrong. 

Anyway, today I want to talk about being positive and would like to encourage anyone reading to take 2mins or 2 hours this weekend to do something you love. Real life can be all consuming, I was on a secret mission yesterday morning and as I walked in the opposite direction to the flow of people heading into the city I noticed how grey and miserable everyone looked (thats what office work does for you) it made me wonder what ambitions these people had when they were young and what they wished they were doing instead. I feel quite lucky that I have found a hobby that I love doing; making  and sharing with people is something that has just clicked (and is threatening to take over all my spare time) but it has taken a lot of heartache and mistakes to get here which makes me appreciate and treasure it even more. So this weekend remember that feeling of being uninhibited and doing something that makes you smile don't worry if no one gets it, that moment of joy is just for you. Have a good one and if you fancy having a nose my new inspirations boards are on Love My Dress. xx


  1. what a lovely post :D It made me smile, I do something I love everyday, running or blogging. That's my escape :D


  2. What a lovely and inspiring thought at the end. Hooray for the pursuit of happiness!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy


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