Floral Friday - Flower Power

Friday, 2 November 2012

If last week was blighted by failing technology then this week has been improved by the good news it brings; talking to one of my favourite ladies whilst she sat out hurricane Sandy on a storm day from work, emails bringing news of exciting projects and text messages telling of new babies, its funny how things turn around in a week. This weekend I am going to get cracking on some of the projects I have planned, meeting and collaborating with new people is definitely one of the highs of blogging so I can't wait to get started, I have made a massive list and spent a few cosy evenings getting prepared so I am ready to go, lets hope today goes really fast so that the weekend can begin - have a good one. xx


  1. I could have sworn I already followed you! Must have unfollowed by accident :S so sorry about that. I usually just click through from my favourites bar lol. Anyway, lovely post :) I hope your projects are going well!

  2. Ahh thanks! Projects have all been going well can't wait to share them all. So glad you come back and read my blog, it really means a lot. xx


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