DIY - Star patch t-shirt

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

You know how it goes you find a perfect grey t-shirt, not too tight not too baggy only to go on a massive cleaning spree and get bleach right down the front. This happens to me a fairly regular basis (I am ashamed to admit) but on this one occasion I was particularly distressed as it was only its second wear. Since the accident it has spent the last 10 months kicking around my kitchen whilst I decided what to do with it, when I saw these Thakoon t-shirts on Lawn Party I knew immediately this was how I was going to save this one from the recycling - a giant star patch! All the steps are below. 
Materials - T-shirt (bleach splodge optional), paper (this can be pattern, brown, wrapping) Light -weight printed fabric, medium iron interfacing, pins, thread and either a sewing machine or needle

Step1 - First draw out your star patch. I drew around my t-shirt so I could get an idea of scale and placement
Step 2 - Cut out your star and then cut a piece of fabric and interfacing the same size. Using a hot iron fuse your interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric
Step 3 - Pin your star to your fabric and cut round (I kept all the right sides facing me)
Step 4 & 5 - Position your star (over your bleach spot) and pin into place. Use lots of pins so that it doesn't move around too much
Step 6 - Sew into place either on your sewing machine or by hand
Bonus step - Add a few studs wherever you think they are needed
There you go another t-shirt saved, I think a floral print on a stripe would like quite good - Happy making! 


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