DIY - Ribbon tie necklace

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Here's a colourful DIY for you all today and I bet you have all the materials already. Its really simple and you don't need any fancy tools to complete you are literally just tying pieces of fabric and ribbon onto an existing necklace. I have given mine a few outings already and the response has been positive, so if the dark nights are already getting you down make something bright and colourful to cheer you up. All the steps are below. 

Materials - A beaded necklace and mix of coloured fabrics and ribbons

I'll give you a few tips about mixing fabric, make sure you use a combination of natural (silk) and man-made (taffeta, lurex) to give depth and texture. My base colours were these soft pinky/coral chiffons (last used here) my bright contrast colours were orange and pink and a contrast colour to tie everything together was this copper ribbon. The best way to pull colours together is lay everything out and slowly remove or add colours that work/don't work together.
Step 1 - Start with your soft colours and cut strips about 2.5cm wide and 8cm long from the fabric. Starting either side of the central bead tie onto your necklace. If you feel 8cm is too long and makes the bows to straggly cut them a little shorter
Step 2 - Decide on how much of your necklace you want knotted (mine was about 10cm either side of the central bead)
Step 3 - Add your brights into the mix
Step 4 & 5 - Add your metallic ribbon into the mix making sure you cut the ends on the diagonal. 
Step 6 - Check the balance of colours looks good, add any additional pieces of ribbon to fill in any gaps.

Its that simple, just knot and go! Happy making x


  1. I think this is just gorgeous. I love the fun mix of textures, and the palette is perfect! xo E

    1. Thanks so much Erin, its really fun to wear. x

  2. beautiful! love those colours x

  3. I found you through your guest post on Elena's blog today. I'm so glad I did. Your projects are stunning. You use the most fantastic materials! I really love your color choices on this necklace.

    1. Thanks so much Erica - I'm so glad you stopped by. Your comment has really made my day. X


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