A November shopping update

Monday, 5 November 2012

I haven't posted about my recent purchases for a while, I would like to say its because I have brought anything unnecessary (I have) I just haven't had the chance to document it all. Here's a recap I'm pleased to say I have been sticking to my rules see, here and here for previous posts. 

I had a bit of a nasty shock in September, in the same hour I found out I had a TFL driving fine I checked my bank and credit card statements - it wasn't pretty and I went home and cried! It did give me the shock I needed to to keep my fun spending under control, I managed to find some real treasures my favourite charity shop and score some cashmere and sequins from Ebay. 

October I planned before I spent, I cleared my wardrobe of old fuzzy jumpers and tops with holes and then wrote a list of what I needed. Taking my list I went on a shopping trip, not only did I stick to my budget I stuck to the list, as much as I wanted to buy boots with  either studs, glitter and leopard I brought what I knew I needed (just plain and simple) and haven't been disappointed - strangely it felt good to say no! 

Nearly five months from starting to document my spending I have to say I am improving, I think much more before I spend and my debts are going down. Changing bad habits isn't easy and you have to apply yourself but over time it does get better. I'm glad things are starting to get themselves under control as today my car is going in for a service and I just know its going to be expensive - eeek!


  1. Go you! it's so inspiring hat you are managing to get your spending under control :D I'm pretty bad, but am getting better xx


  2. Hooray! Glad to hear your master shopping plan is working out for you. It's crazy when you keep track... amazing what we end up spending money on without realising, right? I love a good shopping list - makes shopping feel even more like an adventure. Will I find it, won't I? Could I find it better somewhere else, or for cheaper?

    Would be great to hear more tips!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

    1. Its quite scary when you start to list things being a visual person I need to see the "damage" to make me stop!! Re-fashioning will be featuring heavily next month ;-) x

  3. Love the drawings and glad things are going well on the spending front


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