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Monday, 15 October 2012

After Lisbon we took the train down to Faro, if I'm honest I wasn't expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised. The main reason for choosing Faro was after a 28 journey home from The Philippines we wanted somewhere that didn't require much travel home - luckily for us Easyjet flies Faro to Southend, door to door it took us five hours - brilliant! But that wasn't the only reason I enjoyed Faro; we took a boat each day to a "desert island" where we had picnics, collected shells and read in the sun. I just loved listening to the ocean and not having to fight crowds or be anywhere - sitting still has got to be my ultimate luxury. 
The town itself was really pretty, it was like someone said "we'll have a perfect town please". Gorgeous  windows and old doors, a castle, winding streets, a shop selling tiles and a Zara too! We had two and half days which was plenty as it isn't that big but there is enough to see for a weekend.  

Back on the island, I took so many photo's of the abandoned fishing nets, weather beaten wooden path ways and thistles that grew in the sand dunes, its probably because I am locked in an office all day, I find the beach and all its natural beauty so soothing. I always find it hard to come home from a holiday but knowing there are different worlds and desert islands so close always makes me feel a little better about returning home. I hope you enjoyed these photo's I really recommend Portugal for a quick get-away. 


  1. Great post, amazing pictures!

  2. The pictures are poetic ! I love the atmosphere !

  3. Thanks very much! It was quite an atmosphere place, I wonder if thats because we went late September?

  4. Looks perfect and such an idyllic way to spend a holiday.


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