DIY - Jewelled collar necklace

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Today’s DIY has been made on the road, I started this before I went on holiday and finished whilst I was poolside (hence the background of this picture and lack of steps). I looks difficult but I promise it’s pretty easy once you get going and looks fab. I wasn’t sure about this collar trend until I made a little trip to Anthropologie a month or so ago, they had the most beautiful collar with raised beads but at nearly £60 I couldn’t really justify the purchase. It got me thinking as to how I could create something similar…The thought of starting from scratch and working out a pattern didn’t appeal so I skipped to good old Primark for a cheap base that could be customised. I have put all the details below, but if you want any tips drop me an email or send me a tweet.
Materials – A plain collar with spaces in the base to add your beads, a selection of beads, they will need to be about the same size as the spaces in the collar (mine were a mix I already had) and  beading wire or a needle and thread.
The make is just one step but repeated with each bead, the beads will sit in between spaces .
Take a length of wire about 10cm long, 4cm from the end wrap the shortest length around your jump ring a few times and snip off the remaining length. 
Thread your bead, pull the wire so it is tight and wrap again on the next jump ring to fasten. If you are using a needle and thread knot your thread around the jump ring (I would add a tiny dab of super glue to fix) thread your bead and knot and glue again on the other side.
That’s all you need to do - I made my pattern up as I went along but you could work it out before you start. I think that it is easier to do one side then mirror on the other but again whatever works best. I hope this has inspired you to make something better , if it does I would love to hear from you - happy making!


  1. Looks lovely, I wonder what it looks like on someone.

    1. Thanks Stefanie - I put a photo on twitter, you can find me @TweetingLotts if you want to have a look. xx


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