DIY - Easy bow necklace

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Today's DIY is the easiest yet, it takes approximately 2 minutes to put together and you don't need any materials other than chain and ribbon. I went for a chunky chain and thick ribbon but you could use a fine or beaded chain and a thinner ribbon - a beautiful jewelled velvet or grosgrain would look amazing.  I have put all the steps below.
 Materials - Long necklace and 1 metre of ribbon about 5cm thick

Step 1 - Fold your chain in half
Step 2 - Fold and cut your ribbon in half. I kept one edge of my ribbon flat (the end I tied to the chain) and the other on the diagonal (the bow end) and singed with a candle to stop fraying.
Step 3 - Fold over the end of your ribbon about 8cm from the end
Step 4 - Place under the loop of your chain
Step 5 - Tuck the ends through and pull tight
Step 6 - Tie in a bow

I planned to wear mine with the bow at the back but when it was completed I rather liked having at the front. If you buy a couple of pieces of ribbon in different colours you can mix your necklace to your outfits - happy making! x


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