Autumn Scenes

Monday, 22 October 2012

After a pretty lively weekend in Norfolk for my lovely friends hen, I'm kicking this week off with some  happy flowers, as I missed last weeks Floral Friday. So far autumn hasn't been too bad; I have had friends down to see me for a long over due visit, made a trip to the jam factory, discovered new places close to home and eaten far too much cake! I have to say I'm enjoying taking time savour little moments instead of rushing from one thing to the next. 
 Lemon cakes  - I'm not a huge fan over twinkly cupcakes but these from Mary Berry are great 
 I went a bit crazy buying jam when my friend and I visited Wilkin & Sons 
Dan & I took a wrong turn but discovered a great new pub by the river
My friend & I went bunny spotting in the driveway of Layer Marney Tower  - the rabbits were at back!


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