Autumn Plans

Monday, 1 October 2012

 It was good to have a week off from blogging, I missed it but definitely needed to step away from the computer (and everything else too) for a few days. I wrote a post at the beginning of September about how I was squeezing out the last days of summer but I have had to admit defeat and realise that autumn is now upon us. The leaves are turning gold, there are conkers everywhere and I have had a mad dash to M&S to replenish my supply of 60 denier tights and wooly socks. I have seen on a few blogs autumn to do lists so I thought I would write my own focusing on the positive things happening this autumn, so here they are...

My good friends surprise hen weekend & wedding
A sneaky trip to Copenhagen
Red lipsticks and grey nail polish (its time to crack open the winter nail varnish collection - whoop!)
(Fake) Fur stoles
More sequins in the shops
Bejeweling everything in my wardrobe with studs
DIY - ing - this is a given but I have a long list to get through 
Trying out new recipes
Going to see the Hollywood Costume Exhibition and The Pre-Raphaelites
Lots of reading
Christmas (I'm planning to hand make my gifts this year)

I think this is enough to keep me out of trouble for the time being, I would love to know your autumn plans.


  1. Glad you had a nice break. I'm still in slight denial and really need to replenish my sad collection of tights...

    A great list of Autumn to-dos.

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

    1. I couldn't escape it - it was so cold the minute I stepped off the plane!

  2. Sequins and nail varnish- yes! So glad you mentioned the Hollywood costume exhibit. The pre-raph is on my list, but I'll definitely have to check the costumes out too. Enjoy your autumn to dos!

    1. Oh you should, it looks sooooo good! I can't wait.

  3. I am also looking forward to more sequins in stores. I feel like I need some kind of sequinned top to brighten up the grey days. I tried grey nail polish because it looks so cool on fair skin, but it makes me look dead, so am more looking forward to deep berry colours.

  4. A great list of Autumn.


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