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Monday, 10 September 2012

I love summer and I know here in the UK summer just means the evenings are light and sometimes it gets above 20 degrees but I love it anyway. The thought of winter just fills me with dread (I realise this sounds a tad dramatic) but I don't want to be in the continuous dark and cold. I read on quite a few blogs last week how "excited for autumn" people were but this just made my fear of winter even worse - and if I read the same again this week, they'll be off my favourites list. 

Luckily for me though, the past weekend was a scorcher. I spent the day on the beach on Saturday, my dad did his best barbeque yet (sardines taste so much better when eaten in proximity to the sea), went crabbing and generally just lazed around. As you can see I didn't really venture far to take photos, I took these from my deck-chair! I'll be savoring the happy memory of days on the beach as bright, warm, sunny days will always be better for the soul than dark nights can ever be.
 Birthday banners - we were celebrating my nieces fourth birthday
Umbrella's, sun and blue skies
 Beach huts all in a row - I love how each one is individual
More umbrella's and the sun making the sea sparkle


  1. Good timing for the beach! I went to the Thames Festival - it was LOVELY. One of those days that makes you think London is the best place on earth to live.

    1. I know! The Thames Festival sounds great, I completely agree with you London does feel like the best place in the world at the moment.

  2. I went to the beach too, in Brighton, unfortunately there's no huts, I found your pictures beautiful, as we know it is probably the last hot week end...

    1. I love Brighton but haven't been there for ages. We have quite a few beach huts near us so its good to make the most of them when the suns out.

  3. "and if I read the same again this week, they'll be off my favourites list" Ha Ha. I know what you mean. I cling to summer and do not want anyone to remind me it's almost over.

    Great photos here too. Cheered up a dreary day.

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  4. Glad they cheered you up. Why rush the coming of winter apart from "snow days" there isn't much to get excited about.


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