Shopping - Kate Spade

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I try to stay positive as much as possible but sometimes like anyone it all get a bit much. The other day before I had taken my first sip of tea the day had taken a turn for the worse and there was only one thing I could do to save it go to my happy place at lunch and start the day again. Luckily for me my happy place is all living and breathing in the form of Kate Spade, I could live there, I really could. I find the colours and the lovely things so soothing obviously I wanted everything but was particularly taken with the range of lady dresses and dancing shoes - here's my wish list.

All items - Kate Spade


  1. Sorry to hear you had a bad day. Hope the week's finished off on a high note.

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy Randomly Happy a fellow Kate Spade lover :)

    1. Its hard not to love Kate Spade, its all so fun! My day did get better as a result of this trip.


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