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Monday, 3 September 2012

Last weekend was my best friends thirtieth birthday and I'm so excited to share the details with you all. Organising party's is a pretty fun job to have albeit a little stressful, I was more nervous about this than my own wedding, I mean what if she didn't like paper decorations the whole thing would have been a complete disaster! I spent about six weeks on-line looking for the right shades of crepe paper streamers, tissue and life size cut outs of Daniel Craig, luckily when myself and team party got together it all went swimmingly and we were able to put on quite a show(which she loved). I can't take all the credit, my friends all did a fantastic job of making incredible food, pom poms and putting together a cracking playlist for the night, in celebration of our success I'm dedicating this weeks posts to party planning - enjoy! 
When I put this post together I realised I forgot to take some photo's of everything we did, so here are just a few snippets...The top photos are of the tissue paper delights we made; we hung streamers from the ceiling, huge poms poms over the birthday cake table and tissue garlands where ever else we had space, they were really effective if a little flamable. 

Maybe its the blogger in me, but I always wanted to go to a party where they had striped straws, my friend brought some over from New York and I found the rest on-line, they do make drinks taste a bit papery but look so pretty! Some of our favourite bars serve drinks in mis-matched vintage glasses, I collected about thirty for the party which looked so good, plus everyone knew who's drink was who's. Finally I baked as if my life depended on it, I made about a thousand biscuits, fairy cakes and a birthday cake too, I didn't know I had it in me! I haven't shown this but my friend lurves Daniel Craig so we brought a life size cut out and for a personal touch I made  toppers with photos of Daniel Craig and my friend for our cheese and pineapple - in our opinion nothing quite says party like personalised cheese and pineapple! 


  1. Everything about this is just completely amazing: the straws, the 'tissue paper delights' and the mismatched vintage glasses.

    Your friend is one lucky lady. And I am a teency bit jealous :)

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

  2. Such a great post! The photo's look fab, (esp the cookies!)! X

  3. Ahh thanks so much (she is very lucky - joking) don't wait for a party just start using straws everyday! Last I heard the decorations were still up! X


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