DIY - Tissue Tassel Garland

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I do love bunting, I try to be over it but I'm not as soon as I see a line fluttering in  the breeze out comes my camera and onto Instagram it goes. However, as this is party week and I wanted to make something a little more special. My friend Quan made some amazing Pom Poms using this tutorial, but I have been looking for an excuse to make a a Confetti System style tassel banner for a while so this is what I made. I looked on-line for tutorials but they all seemed over complicated to me and not full enough, so I have done my own, all the details are below:  
You'll need:
Sheets of tissue paper
Craft knife/cutting mat
Step 1 ) Fold your tissue into quarters (I did 4 sheets at a time) and cut along the longest folded side, this will give you two piles of tissue
Step 2) Take your pile and start cutting strips, starting from 5cm the top fold and approx. 1cm in width, do this until you have cut along the whole sheet of paper
Step 3) Open out your sheets of paper
Step 4) Taking one sheet only, start to roll your tissue
Step 5) Once you have rolled your tissue, start to twist it forming a "rope")
Step 6) Twist your "rope" back on itself to secure
Repeat the above steps until you have your piles of tassels. It took me about two hours to complete thirty. When you have done the amount you need, thread onto some ribbon and then hang as desired. 


  1. They're absolutely gorgeous! I love the colours you chose. Where did you buy your tissue paper? I can only find expensive shops who only sell 4 sheets at a time... :( x

    1. Oh thanks. I brought all the tissue paper online from Amazon (be careful as sometimes the colours don't quite match the pictures). Next time I make some I would use a stock colour that I can buy in bulk, like pink for example then buy just one or two packs of really pretty stuff to mix in. 1 sheets makes 2 tassels so you don't need that much. Hope this helps.

      Love your name by the way!


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