A super new necklace

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Today I am sharing a recent necklace I made for a friends birthday (hey Dils!) Not only is she a super reader of my blog but an all round super girl. As soon as I remembered (yes, I need alot of warning when it comes to birthdays) I knew* I was going to make her a big ol' necklace using these perfect berry shade beads in my stash. 

*ok, she asked me after a few of these too.
I love the process of making these necklaces, its hard to capture each step as they just happen (have a look at this post for some details). However, I always start with pulling a mini mood board using the beads, ribbon and chain I plan on using -  this gives me an idea on how the colours all work together.  
I then plait, twist and weave the beads and ribbon until I have the right balance of colour and weight. This necklace I finished off with golden leaves and a ribbon tie, that way it can be worn at different at different lengths. I was really happy with how this necklace turned out, I get a bit attached to each one I make and obviously I now want one for myself...


  1. Very cool DIY! Love the finished necklace! Gotta try it out!


  2. Thank you! I find it very satisfying to watch these take shape. X

  3. Looks really lovely. I sort of want to eat it. Is that wrong?

    1. Not at all, it made me really want to ear some kind of berry when I making it!

  4. ahhh this is great!!

    It is SUCH a gorgeous necklace. I've had loads of comments when wearing it, (several from strangers who appreciate it's loveliness!). It's the perfect statement piece. Thanks again Lotts!

    P.S. very excited to be mentioned on here :-) xxxxxx

  5. Ha, you can be my agent if you sell one to a random stranger I'll give you a cut ;-) ! Xxx

  6. So gorgeous - very autumnal colours too!

  7. Thanks, I love these colours too. X


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