A pearl celebration

Monday, 17 September 2012

Flowers on Monday, yes that's right! My family and I had another celebration this weekend this time we had dinner for Mum and Dad's thirtieth wedding anniversary. The original plan was to go out however, everyone is feeling the pinch at the moment and so my auntie offered to cook which is win win really as she can cook just as good as any restaurant and you get to have second helpings! From my friends birthday to my parents anniversary I think that the key to celebrating at home is all about the detail; add a few extra special decorations (it is always worth the effort despite what people may say), beautiful flowers, good food and something sparkly to drink never hurts. Ok so it does take more effort and planning than just turning up to a bar or restaurant but the result is always so much more memorable.
Roses (top picture) - Simple but beautiful flowers, not everyone has a florist on hand to make a centre piece. But you can take inspiration from this pretty arrangement my cousin made by keeping your flowers to just one colour. 

Tassels - I can't stop making these tassel garlands, this time I used iridescent, white, silver and blue for a garland which we hung straight across the table (its staying up until Christmas!) 

Sequins - Even if you are at home never waste an opportunity to dress up a special dinner
Champagne - I love Champagne but can never afford it if I'm out, a few bottles at dinner is such a treat
 In my family not occasion is celebrated without a pavlova, we added a few sparklers for added magic!


  1. You know what, sometimes staying at home to celebrate is better than going out - especially if sequins are involved.

    On another note - mentioned you a bit on <a href= "http://www.randomlyhappytoday.blogspot.com> today's post </a>. Was thinking about what you said in Under the Umbrella about dreading the thought of winter. :)

    x Elena

    1. *blushing* thats so kind of you I'll hop straight over and have a look.

      I'm glad you agree, another good thing about staying at home is if you do eat too much pudding then its ok to undo the buttons on your jeans and roll on the sofa - or is that just me! x

  2. I agree - staying in can be really special and it looks as though you made it really beautiful! I love those roses.

    1. Thanks Katie - the roses were so pretty sometimes with flowers simple is best.


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