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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I realised last week that I had never posted the rest of my honeymoon photos (see the Singapore photos here) so here you go! After Singapore we travelled onto two islands in The Philippines, the first being the island of Palawan. I always think of an island as being small easy to travel around, but not here, it took us two hours in a bumpy bus to reach our hotel from the airport and this was after two plane journeys, so by the time we got to out hotel I really felt like I was in the middle of nowhere (which we where really). We stayed at this hotel in an area called Sabang, which was very very quiet with just a handful of hotels along the beach and about two restaurants. After the excitement of the wedding and covering so much ground in Singapore we were ready for a rest; we mainly slept, swam, read and tootled around in various rock pools at low tide. 

As you can see from the photo's the weather changed pretty quickly, there was glorious sun in the morning making all the boats and tourist shops look really picturesque but by the afternoon's the clouds had rolled in creating some amazing skies and rain showers (why is tropical rain so much better than our UK version??). We were only there for three days which was enough for us, I think the peace did us good but we were ready to move on to the next island (post coming soon). 

Apart from walking along the beach there really isn't much to do, we tried to go to the famous underground river but all the tourist permits had gone so we couldn't go which was a shame (if you are planning a trip make sure you book a permit before you travel). There is also a place called El Nido that was about a 3 hour drive away from Sabang, that is meant to be stunning, if we had had more time we definitely would have made the trip. Essentially Sabang is a tiny fishing village, so if you are looking for somewhere that is authentic, peaceful and tourist free then I think you will like. 

A quick note on how to get there - We flew into Manilla from Singapore and then caught an internal flight from Manilla to Puerto Princessa. If you are switching terminals at Manilla allow at least 45mins to get between them as the traffic is a nightmare. 


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