Floral Friday - Herb Garden

Friday, 24 August 2012

I have a day's leave today, and I couldn't be happier. For the last few weeks I feel like I have rarely been at home I can't remember the last time I did nothing, so today my plan is to not go anywhere and just potter around. Well I say potter its my friends (erm, 30th) birthday tomorrow so I have lots of things to make and get ready but thats all fun and just having a day not being in London is blissful. 

Anyway, here's today's Floral Friday; These little flowers are from Mint and Basil plants, if like me, you let your herbs get out of control here's what you end up with. I love them, the flowers are so tiny and leaves make them smell incredible. Talking of getting out of control I feel like I have so many ideas for making and doing  at the moment I am not getting anything done fast, hopefully this weekend will give me a chance to catch my breath a bit, I have a few DIY's that I want to put together and some other fun projects to get working on. If you need a quick DIY this weekend my Liberty Flower Garland has been popular or try upcycling and old favourite like this jacket , I'm sure my blogging friends Michelle at MY Creative Photography and Katie at Shoestring Splendor will be having a go (make sure you have a look at their blogs, both are full of great things). 

Have a super (3 day) weekend. xx


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