Floral Friday - Blogging thoughts

Friday, 3 August 2012

I'm always interested in reading about people's reason's for blogging and I have been reading a few articles on why people blog this week (I can't remember where now) . I would love my blog to be a successful but its hard to define what success would look like, is it thousands of readers every month? Companies clambering to offer free stuff? Hundreds of comments after every post? I'm not sure. When I read comments on some blogs its seems like the readers are only commenting to drive traffic to their own site, it always makes me cringe especially when I see links to a competition or some sort. If I comment its because I genuinely like what the person has written, brought, made or photographed. When I read tips on getting visitors to your blog commenting on others is always at the top of the list but I feel like such a phony in doing so, but then I'm guilty of beating myself up if my number of page views drops but to me one honest comment will always mean more to me than a 100 ever would - does anyone have any good advice to get around this?

I started my blog when I was at a bit of a cross-roads, I had the option to stay on at my old company after nearly a year of empty promises and work on their social media or take a job in a company that didn't make my heart sing but gave me the balance to do my own thing. I chose the latter and I'm so glad I did, I never knew how much I loved writing until I started this blog, I have always been pretty crafty so making myself post regular DIY's has given me the focus to do more and get better, (I still can't believe that some of my ideas usually dreamt up on the train have been so popular) and slowly slowly I'm getting to meet other bloggers who all have dreams outside the 9-5 too. I don't blog because its the right thing to do, I do it because I absolutely love it. I look forward to coming home from work to put a post together and have a place where I can capture my thoughts or something I have seen. I hope that I can inspire who ever reads my blog to be a little more creative, make their own something or just be transported from the day to day for a few minutes because to me thats what its about having a space to be yourself and a few moments to day dream dream and conjure up new ideas.

There are definitely areas I would to improve on (a new site would be nice for a start), I would love to write, collaborate, make and photograph more and I'm sure these things will all come in time. For now I'm just enjoying the ride, its quite fun one and I have a whole heap of necklaces to show for it!

Thanks for reading, I just needed to get that off my chest. Have a great weekend. xx


  1. This is a lovely post :) i agree about the driving traffic thing.. some people comment saying 'ha, nice, enter my competition' or 'sounds like you had a great time. follow each other?' on a post that rants about how much you dont like something.

    I ran a blog competition once and was guiliting of leaving a link to the comp in my comments, but I never commented just to pass out the link if you see what I mean? I find the best way to get people to your blog without being ingenuine is by advertising with other blogs :)

    hope that helps! xx

  2. I know what you mean about the comments thing, but then the blogs with the most comments seem to be the ones where girls put up millions of pictures of themselves in the same outfit but slightly different poses, and then talk about their new topshop bag or something. Booooorrrring!!!!

    keep blogging, your blog is great! xx

  3. Here, here! I agree with so many things you've said in this post. I think the best way to connect through comments is to leave comments that show a) you read the post and b) you processed it. It's putting yourself out there and forming relationships in a much for natural way. While I appreciate when people are coming to my site and commenting, dashed off and asinine comments are very annoying! I'm glad to hear your love of blogging, I know I love to read your blog! xo

  4. Thanks so much for your comments ladies, it means a lot especially coming from people I admire in real and online life. Sometimes when your behind your laptop you forget that other people are out there thinking the same as you. Thanks for the encouragement this means you'll all be seeing many more posts from me! Lots of Love xxx

  5. Dear Charlotte
    This is a fantastic post! I think a lot of 'good' bloggers thinks alike. I believe real 'blogging fame' will come if we stay true to ourselves and remember why we started writing at all. Being always true and honest to our new and retuning readers, no matter how small or big this group is . It will grow over time. That's where true bloggers have got an advantage over 'fame searching bloggers' they hopefully will give up! :)
    Keep up the good job. Keep inspiring us with your DIY.
    P.S. I love your floral fridays, I always check your page on friday, to stop, to think, to smile :)
    P.S. I'm so glad I can comment :)



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