DIY - Precious Stone Necklace

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

This week I'm on an "inspired by the internet roll", and today's make is no exception. I pinned this onto my craft ideas board and knew it'd be the perfect summer necklace to keep all my shopping urges at bay. I saw it on the fab Chetah is the new Black and went straight out and brought some new supplies to DIY myself. All details are below, happy making! 
 You'll need
Chunky Chain - I brought mine on ebay 
Semi precious stones - Try here for a selection (I brought mine locally as I like to see the colours and patterns) 
11 x 7mm Jump rings
Spring clasp opening and ring
Gold 5mm wire - Try here for all findings

1) Cut 3 x 15cm lengths of wire and then wrap the wire at the end to make links
2) Thread your central bead onto a wire and make another loop at the end
3) Make the start of a loop and then hook onto your first stone and complete the loop, repeat on the other side. You should now have your central piece complete. 
4) Decide on the length you would like your necklace to be (mine was 45cm in total). My central piece was 15cm long so I needed my chain to be 15cm either side. Measure the required length of your chain and then double it to make two  rows of chain. 
5) Add a jump ring to either end of the chain and then add a jump ring linking the the two ends of chain and the central piece (sorry I forgot to take a picture of this step), repeat on the other side.
6) On one side, add your spring clasp to the middle of your double chain and then a jump ring to other.  Your necklace is now complete, you can now wear as much as you can!   
The final piece, I love the pink and blue combination. 


  1. Great combination. I sometimes wonder if I can 'get away' with such statement pieces and then never buy them anyway because they are so pricey. But hey life is too short to wear boring clothes.

  2. Of course you can! They're easier than you think to wear plus they distract from whatever else you put on (or stains!!!) I'll happily make you one if you like ;-) x

  3. So lovely! I really like bright stones in jewelry.

    1. Thanks Erin - I have been wearing it loads since I made it the bright stones go with so much. X


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