DIY - Liberty Flower Garland

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I have been pretty busy recently so DIY's have been a bit lacking around these parts, I promise to get back to sharing some jewellery posts soon until then here is a really simple DIY. Inspired by the Liberty Scrap Challenge  that I saw on Nova's blog  I thought I would use these pretty scraps to make summery garland. It only takes about 20mins to put together and it doesn't even require sewing or gluing, I think that it would look great made from a shimmery fabric and mixed in with fairy lights to make it twinkle. All the steps are below.
Liberty Scraps - I brought mine here (but you can use anything you have to hand) Cut into 5 inch Squares
5mm ribbon - VV Rouleux has a fantastic selection of colourful velvet
Beading Wire - I used a mix of colours but you don't have to cut into 20cm lengths
Step 1) Cut your net squares approximately the same size as your Liberty pieces

Step 2) Take your first square and then a square of net, fold as in "half" like the picture.

Step 3) Fold in "half' again and pinch the top to form a bud shape.

Step 4) Fold your wire in half and wrap around a pencil and twist a few times to make a loop (its easier if you get these prepped before you start)

Step 5) Take your bud and tightly wrap your wire around the top until it is secure.

Step 6) Repeat until all your buds are done. I did 6 but you could do more it depends on how long you want your garland to be.

Step 7) Take your length of ribbon, mine was just under 2 meters and fold the ends over to make a loop  and knot into place the loops should be about 10cm long. 

Step 8) Fold the ribbon in half and place your buds along the length to work out the spacing, if you want you can mark with a pencil where they buds will go 

Step 9) Knot all your buds into place

Step 10) Hang and enjoy
These are so simple to make, they would be ideal to make slightly bigger for a wedding or party and w make a refreshing change from bunting especially if you tied on some extra ribbons or sparkley bits.


  1. Oooh that is such a pretty idea! Another project to put on my 'must-try-out-soon' list!


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