DIY - Fake Tan

Thursday, 9 August 2012

This is a bit of a different DIY from me today, I am in no a way a beauty queen and my day to day routine is pretty lax/straight forward but there's one thing I consider myself an expert in and that is fake tanning (and by fake tanning in mean a healthy glow and not TOWIE orange). I have honed my skills through much trial and error over the years and here are my fool proof tips for getting a nice bit of colour. 
Before you start ask yourself, if you naturally get a tan. If not, you probably don't need to go any further and enjoy your gorgeous fair skin, for the rest of you read on. I always tan at night mainly because of the smell and also it gives me less opportunity to pour water on myself and go blotchy and if I'm going to a wedding then I always tan two days before.

Step 1) I think a good home tan is all about the prep work and I take this very seriously, the day before I need to tan I give myself a good de-fuzz, scrub and polish (I have been known to cancel plans based on my tanning schedule). Soap and Glory scrubs and moisturisers are my favourite, whatever you use make its a nice thick moisturiser and you don't want any dry bits as this is what causes streaks.

The morning before you want to tan give yourself another coat of moisturiser, you should now be silky soft. 

Step 2) Have a quick shower and thoroughly dry off, now you are ready to go (I always use a spray as I think it gives a more even coverage.) I start with my the top of my legs the the bottom spraying in even lines about 20cm from my skin, once done I then give my ankles, knees and feet a good rub to blend in any residue. I then do my torso, arms, back and face (you can use a face spray but you don't have too) making sure I give my joints a rub as I go (see arrows on the above illustration for danger zones). I then give my hands a little wash, to stop orange palms and then give them a very light spray. 

Leave to dry, put on some loose pajamas and go to sleep.

Step 3) When you wake up you should be a naturally bronzed goddess. You can stop here but I like to use a bit of this to give me a bit of a sheen and it reminds me of holidays or sometimes if I want to keep my tan going for a few days without turning into an Oompa Loompa I like to use a bit of summer body, only at night as does still have that funny metallic biscuit smell. 

The outlay of products might seem a bit steep but you will be able to use them again and again which in the long run is quite cost effective considering a spray tan is about £25.


  1. Don't think I will doing fake tan anytime soon but love your drawing!

  2. Ahh thanks - I haven't done these for a while and fancied doing a few drawings. x

  3. Thanks for the tips.
    I'll be using fake tan product for the first time. And its always better to have someone's guidance when trying something new. Especially the way you have explained everything is really nice and encouraging.


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