August - some recent purchases

Monday, 27 August 2012

A few things have been confirmed to me recently; I need at least four days at the weekend to get all that I want to done, I'm not cool (a trip to the Experimental Cocktail Club, amazing drinks, stressed out service made me realise this) and I spend all of my spare cash on things that sparkle, which isn't such a bad thing. After last months recent purchases I thought I'd do a follow up as I forget what I buy and keeping a list and shaming myself is the only way to keep myself on track to getting these beauts

This month I have two new resolutions to add: 
1) To not go into Zara without a responsible adult; I went in to buy a belt and came out with two Chanel-esque jackets and two sequin dresses. Not in the plan but they were on sale and the total cost of all four purchases was the same as an original jacket (Zara not Chanel) and they're in classic colours and they're simply great - so its kind of like saving. 

2) Plan ahead, they good thing with friends being so busy is that we have to book a month in advance to see each other, I have been setting aside money for dinners and birthday presents this has been helping my budget no end. 

I still have a little way to go but I feel like I have made some progress as I said before its small steps...

This months buys are: 
Jackets and Dresses  - Zara
Initial Necklace - Topshop (because I really needed another piece of jewellery)
Stud and Gems - New Trimmings (this shop is a real treasure trove and I was unable to walk away empty handed) 
Mollie Makes subscription & secondhand books  


  1. Love the sequins. Love the gems. I hate "Rebecca". I read it when I was a young teenager so maybe it was just the age but just found it really dull.

    1. I loved Rebecca, I loved how the story built as the book went along - give it another go. x

    2. Love those jackets. And glad to hear I'm not the only one with a severe Zara addiction. There's 3 near my office- it's like torture! :)

    3. I would have to move jobs, that sounds dangerous!

  2. Nothing wrong with some sequin-related purchases...

    1. Exactly, everyone needs a few sequins now and again! X


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