Floral Friday - DIY Jazz up a jacket

Friday, 6 July 2012

Today's post is more of an up-cycle than a DIY. I brought this Dior (door more like) jacket from Ebay back in March falling for its zesty colour and as usual with Ebay I was dissapointed when it arrived; it was a size too big and pretty poorly made however, I thought it had potential. After some deliberation I decided to give it a over-haul by adding patterned fabric to the sleeves, removing the shoulder pads and adding a jolly corsage. Here are my steps below I hope they inspire you to get crafty this weekend. 
An old jacket 
Needle and thread
Fabric scraps (patterned for the sleeves and chiffon for the corsage)
Brooch Backs
Lets start with the jacket...
1) Measure the length that you want to roll your sleeves up to (your lining will start about 2cm from the cuff) Add a 1cm seam allowance either end and cut two lengths of lining fabric. 
2) As your jacket sleeve will have a taper, the quickest way to get the right shape is to wrap your fabric around the sleeve and cut 2cm from the sleeve edge (add two notches marking the line you will need to sew) Cut two of these making sure they mirror each other 
3)Sew the lining  pieces together (I used a machine but you can hand stitch) right sides facing 
4)Trim your seam allowance so that it is 1cm press open and then press over your seam top and bottom allowances
5) Match the seams and pin into place over the original lining and then hand stitch 
6) To remove the shoulder pads, carefully open along the shoulder seam. Cut your shoulder pad out and stitch the hole closed. 
You can stop here but I can never resist and opportunity to make a corsage...
For the corsage...
1) Cut squares of your patterned fabric, chiffon and net approx. 3x3cm (I used 5 squares of each as a minimum but you can to more)
2) Layer a piece of each fabric keeping the pattern piece on top and then fold in half into a triangle and then again. 
3) Stitch onto a small backing piece of fabric and repeat 4 times until you have made a flower.
4) Stitch on a brooch back
5) Knot and sew a piece of ribbon in the centre to finish off
6) Add to your jacket (I added a few vintage fabric badges with mine)
That's it it seems pretty complicated but it isn't once you get going. I'm so pleased with how this turned out I want to do the same to another one! Have a great weekend. xx


  1. You did an awesome job on that jacket! I love DIY and turning things into even cooler things. I really like your blog! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England) as I post my outfits and more :) :)


  2. Hi thanks for comments so glad you like the jacket. I will be sure to stop by your blog. xx

  3. You have some impressive skills. Great job.

  4. This looks fantastic! Nice to see a photo of it on as well - such a good idea.


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