DIY - How to tie a bow

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

According to my Google search words,"how to tie a bow" is the most constantly searched for DIY. For some of you I realise that this is glaringly obvious but for those who don't, this DIY is just for you. I think I was born with ribbon in my hand as I can't remember when I haven't added a bow to my hair, to a present or even a door handle - to me anything be-ribboned is better.  Here's my how to, with a few ideas added in. 
Materials - Well anything ribbony really. I love using colourful scraps of fabric (tear selvedge to selvedge to make a strip), netting, grosgrain, velvet anything goes really so get creative. 
1) First take your ribbon and fold in half and then half again making a pair of "bunny ears"
2)Put the left "ear" over the right 
3) Tuck under and back on itself
4) Pull tight and you have your basic bow
5) Snip your ends to length, I normally keep my ends double the length of the "ears" and always cut on a diagonal 
For gift wrapping
1) Find the centre of your strip and place horizontally across your box (so there are equal lengths either sides)
2) Flip your box over, and twist your ribbons 90 degrees 
3)Bring your ribbons back to the top and secure in a double knot
4) Repeat steps on a basic bow
I love using brown paper and colourful ribbons for my presents, it works for any occasion and anytime of year
Now that you have mastered your basic bow there are so many things you can do with it. Above I glued on a few jewels and added on a brooch back (try Amazon for a bumper pack) to make a cute little brooch. There is so much beautiful embellished ribbon out there buy something decadent and give out as gifts, I think that they would make great favors for a wedding. Alternatively you can spruce up an old necklace buy tying a length of colourful ribbon or fabric onto it, tie just of centre to keep it interesting.
One last idea add onto a hair-pin or band - make sure you double knot first and make up the bow as the original instructions. In summer use chiffons and coloured satins in winter use moody velvets or prim grosgrain.
Now your set to make your life bow-tastic - happy making!


  1. Amazing and inspiring proposals!

  2. Thank you Clara! Glad to hear they have inspired you. x


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