DIY - Knotted Friendship Bracelets

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I have been waiting to post this DIY since I got back from my honeymoon, the trouble is once you start making these is that its hard to stop and then you get to bedazzle them too which is why there was a delay in posting. I can't really believe that these are back in fashion I started making them when I was about 8 on family holidays, I never thought I would be pulling friendship bracelets out the bag twenty years on. I have made mine with jewels and a few vintage extra's so I can wear them in the office but if you're employers won't judge your for looking beachy you can keep them plain. Steps below
Materials (for a basic bracelet)
Embroidery threads 
Safety pins

Materials* (for Jazzing up a basic bracelet)
Coloured Jewels
Cord ends 
Jump rings (not pictured)
A selection of Jewelery closures (lobster clasps, bar fastening etc)
Tassels (made using excess cotton) 
* You really can use whatever you have to hand
For a basic bracelet
1) Cut lengths of thread approx. 80cm long. 
If you are knotting a straight forward diagonal your threads can be in any order.
If you are knotting a chevron then you will need two lengths of each colour

2) Gather your threads and about 10cm from the top tie a loose knot. Using a safety pin fasten to a cushion (or something solid)

3) To start knotting, I find its easier to work left to right, make a backwards "4" using your outside thread and the one next to it. You want the tension to fairly tight and make sure you do two knots per thread. If you are doing straight lines repeat until you get all the was across the strings, if you are doing a chevron then stop when you get to the centre. 

 If you are doing straight lines then just keep going until you are at your desired length.

4)If you are making a chevron shape repeat step three on the right side, when you get to the centre knot the two lengths of thread together and repeat the steps with the next colour thread. Keep repeating this until you reach your final length. 

5) To finish plait the threads together and tie with a knot. 
To jazz things up you can really start to use your imagination. I cut the ends off my bracelets and fixed on end caps, so I could add chains and beads but you don't have to you can keep your ends plaited and just stick on jewels. You can really do what you want at this stage, the main thing is to have fun with it. 

A little tip to decide on width, 1 thread equals 1mm of bracelet. So a ten thread bracelet would make a bracelet width of 1cm. 

If you get stuck at any point just give me a tweet and I'll be happy to help out. 
Voila! Happy making!


  1. These are amazing and so colourful! Love the jeweled ones - great for an 'arm party'

    1. Oh thanks! I They're really fun to make, the jeweled ones are my favourites too. x

  2. You did a really great job - I love how you finished the ends off!

  3. Love how you finished the ends off - great job!

    1. Thank you Grace! It makes them a little more office friendly. x

  4. and are the strass glued?

  5. I love these! I have a half made friendship bracelet in my craft drawer - I started making it ages ago, but I got a bit bored of all the tying and knotting... seeing this makes me want to get it finished off though - I love the bling! Great idea.

  6. Wow, so pretty ! and really nice collection designs you have i like to see these friendship bracelets thanks for shearing......:)


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