Wedding Details - Part 2

Monday, 25 June 2012

Here is the last of my wedding details posts, I have put a summary of the others here (if you want to take a look). I'm going to focus on the dress, bridesmaids and venue as I think that's all I haven't covered and true to form I am starting with the shoes. I brought my wedding shoes before I even thought about a dress; it was love at first sight with these gems from Charlotte Olympia, I haven't seen a shoe better suited to dancing and having fun, ever. I think having my shoes first made finding a dress much easier as I could start visualise how things were going to look from the beginning of planning process. They also provided a "anchor" colour which I based the invites and flowers on.  
I would like to say the first time I thought about my wedding dress was when I got engaged but that would be a complete lie! However, I never dreamt that I'd be wearing a full skirted strapless dress. As I went through the racks trying dresses on, the skirts got fuller and trains got a little longer until I got to this one which not only suited the shoes but was suited to the venue and I figured as this is probably the only time I'd be able to wear a dress like this I might as well go for it! 
One thing I wanted to avoid was having bridesmaids in a really strong colour which dominated the theme of the wedding. After a few discussions we settled on tea dresses in a pretty blush colour that suited all skin tones and wouldn't fight with the flowers. They were made by a really great local dress maker (Julie Ellmore) who did a fantastic job on creating what we wanted, I would definitely recommend doing this if you are after something specific. By some stroke of luck we found perfect shoes to blend in with mine, it wasn't the intention but they worked out a treat.
When all these venue details are together it looks a bit bow-tastic but I promise it was all spaced out and wasn't too much (as much as I love be-ribboning, I know where to draw the line). Having a beautiful venue made decorating such a pleasure, I let the venue dictate the natural look of the flowers and the romantic country edge of the styling - I think its really important to make sure your theme and venue harmonise. I used a mix of ribbons on the chairs to create a bit of colour during the service and then introduced colour in the flower pots, vases and favours on the tables.  

For me, letting the theme come together over the months of planning made sense, I had a strong idea in my head of what I wanted the day to look like and enjoyed taking my time over each step to make it happen. The only downside is that you have one wedding day - I had so many more ideas that I would love to have used! 

All photos - Mckinley Rogers - Who took such amazing photos of the day


  1. Wow your wedding looks really gorgeous. And totally love how your shoes were the influence for everything else. I love the colour.

    1. Thanks Michelle, I have to say I was really please with how it all turned out. Shoes normally influence most of my decisions and this was no different!!!


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