Floral Friday - Wedding planning tips

Friday, 29 June 2012

To wrap up the last of the wedding posts I thought I would do a little summary of some of my wedding planning tips.

Decide on the type of wedding you want – Do you want it to be traditional, fun, formal, glitzy?  There are so many options but deciding on how you want your wedding to feel will make choosing everything from your venue to your dress much easier

Be flexible, its great to have a strong idea of how you want your day to look but use these initial ideas as a starting point because when budget, venue restrictions, reality kicks in you might need to change your ideas (often things work out better anyway)

Work with passionate people; everyone we used from the venue to the band loved weddings if you get a feeling people don't love weddings as much as you don't use them. 

With decoration, don't be swayed by people who say that's different (I heard that quite a lot). Everyone has their dream wedding and an idea of what is the right thing to do. Follow your heart and instincts and you won't go wrong (unless you are using football colours or doing a Don't Tell the Bride style fancy dress, if you are I would recommend a rethink).

Take a break once in a while, planning a wedding is so time consuming and you will find all you talk about is the wedding. Find a friend who who can talk about something else it really helps.  

If you are DIYing like I did make sure you are realistic about how long each project takes. As a guide if  you think something will take two hours, allow four, projects often take much longer when you are balancing a full time job and organising the practical aspects of the day.

I was really lucky I had an abundance of people that wanted to get involved and help but at the same time I wanted to do lots of it myself. I found keeping the important people involved at the big events like buying the dress, preparing the invites made it feel like a team effort. I have to say some of my favourite moments from the planning where when everyone got together.

Finally, just enjoy it what could be better than spending a year buying a dress, sampling food and wine, endless DIY projects and having a massive party with all your favourite people at the end it! 

Have a great weekend x 

Images - Mckinley Rogers 


  1. Thx for these tips, I've found myself constantly thinking / talking about our wedding and it's a year away! Need some distraction!
    Lovely to meet u at the papermash event recently, here is the link to 91 Magazine which we were talking about- www.91magazine.co.uk

    Caroline x

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