Floral Friday - Gypsy Rose Lee

Friday, 1 June 2012

Its not often that you'll see me post about films on here - I'm rubbish the minute I sit down to watch anything I fall asleep. The advantage to taking a long haul flight is I'm usually too excited to sleep for the first couple of hours, taking wires and pilers through security doesn't seem like the best idea so I can't make anything which leaves watching films as my main source of entertainment. On the flight back from Singapore I watched Gypsy, its worth watching for the costumes alone (ok, and the spontaneous break out of song) they were awesome. I'm going to buy the film so I can print screen the costumes - oh the coats, the hats, the jewels, why don't they make costumes like this anymore? If they did I'd watch films all the time, anymore recommendations? I think I'm entering a vintage film phase...


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