DIY - Neon Jewel Earrings

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I'm a bit late to the party with this DIY but I thought I'd do my own version of a coloured jewelled earring anyway, I have seen them on so many blogs and thought if you can't beat them join them - plus I wanted a pair. I made mine using a combo of two different earrings that I merged together, I recommend digging deep into your jewellery archive and see what treasures await to be created. A full tutorial is below.
You will need:
A selection of old diamante earrings that can be taken apart or a pair of large diamante earrings
A selection of nail varnish in bright colours
3mm jump rings
Flouro thread
Glue & Pliers (not pictured)
1) Start by roughly sketching your design and having a play with colour combinations
2) Carefully dismantle your earrings
3) Colour the stones with nail varnish (I did two coats, leave to dry between coats). I pushed the pieces with the ear post into a matchbox to make painting easier. 
4) Once dry, re-assemble your earring pieces.
5) Take a few strands of your flouro thread and tie tightly around the jump ring. I added a tiny dot of glue to secure the knot. 


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