DIY - Drift Wood Picture

Thursday, 7 June 2012

There are no better colours in my mind than bright colours that have been sun bleached - so imagine my delight when I started to discover all these beauties washed up on the shore during the 'moon. I knew they were coming home with me and I thought a beachy picture would be a perfect way to display them. I have put together a DIY which is really simple and takes about 30mins tops, so if you are yet to embark on a summer get away keep this in mind and get collecting.
Some pieces of drift wood
A blank artists canvas (you can make your own frame if you feel that way) mine was 30 x 40cm but this depends on how much wood you have. 
Hammer & nails

1. & 2. - Remove the canvas from your frame so you are just left with the wood part
3. Have a play around and get your design sorted (I did this quite a few times and still changed last minute)
4. Once happy with your design start to hammer the pieces into place, remember to start with pieces that will be touching the frame first.
5. & 6 -  For pieces that will be 'laying' top hammer them together before adding to the final picture. 
It's that simple - happy making! 


  1. Very pretty!! I love the colors all together.
    Erin @ Thanks, I Made It

    1. Thanks Erin - Its just like being at the beach!

      Lotts x

  2. This is just gorgeous! I found this page searching for bleached wood projects and now I've got new inspiration for beachy themed decor. Fantastic work, Lotts!

    1. Thanks Lauren - I'm so glad this has inspired you x


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