Anything of Pintrest?

Monday, 18 June 2012

The only good thing that has happened as a result of all the (stupid) football on T.V is it gives me a bit more time to toodle around the internet and pin images with nice colours - and look what beauties I have found recently. The summery prints make me infinitely happy, the grey/green colourway is so peaceful and what a genius DIY idea for old plates. You can follow me here, Pintrest I love you! 

Images (from top left)  - Green, Swimmers, Watermelons, Chair


  1. Tell me about it!! football every night!!! so boring.

  2. I love pinterest, its so addicting! Love the colour palette here, and the watermelon drawings are so cute!

    1. I love those watermelons too - I might have a go at drawing some myself!

      Lotts x


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