Made it - Leaf earrings

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I made these earrings about a year or so ago and they only really see the light of day in "summer" (those reading in the UK will understand why summer is in commas). My inspiration struck after a trip to the Jardins Marjorelle in Marrakech, if you haven't been, stick it on your must go list. It was owned by Yves Saint Laurent and its where his ashes were scattered, if you don't feel inspired after a visit there's something seriously wrong with you. Back to the earrings - I always get a bit excited when I see these because I know a holiday is just around the corner (imagine a dog getting ready for a walk kind of excited) and true to form I have added them to my pile of honeymoon clothes. I hand twisted and painted the leaves to make a mottled effect and made the chain from wire and biggish seed beads, in tropical greens and yellows. They were a labour of love as they took a good few evenings to make but whenever they come out of the box I'm immediately transported to far away shores, sigh! 


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