DIY - Personal Favours

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

In addition to making corsages I thought it'd be a good idea to make my favours too! I knew from the beginning that I either wanted something personal or nothing at all. I can never resist a beading challenge so I decided to hand stamp the guests initials (ladies only, I feel that favours are wasted on the boys) and make these simple beaded bracelets. Overall they took me about a week of evenings to complete plus another evening to wrap up, but I am really pleased with the result, it was satisfying to see them all stack up. 
I used a stamp kit similar to this one for the letters, and brought my discs on Ebay. All the other supplies were from here. I stamped the initials onto the discs. I made the bead bracelets by simply threading my beads onto some beadalon (clear elastic), knotting when they were at the right length, approx. 6 inches securing tightly and add a drop of superglue onto the knot for good measure. I then opened a jump ring and added the disc to the bracelet, once you have done sixty you get pretty quick at making these up!


  1. Very cute idea :) I love personal touches like these

  2. So gona attempt to make these for my wedding,like you though need to make bout 60/ get started now hehe!


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