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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Whilst I haven't prepared a new DIY for this week I thought I would share some of my favourites* for you to try over the long weekend.  They're all pretty quick and easy to do so it'll give you plenty of time to relax/have a nap/drink copious amounts of Pimms too. 

Ribbon bow bracelet - I made this going into autumn so the colours are a little dark but choose a ribbon in bright colours and it'll last all the way through to the end of August. If you're feeling really lazy skip the backing section and just make sure the ends are finished neatly. 

Recycled necklace - This weekend I am planning to hide the boots and bring out the sandals. If like me you are having a clear out make sure you keep your jewels and mash them together to make a brand new piece of sparkle. This necklace has been so versatile and I always gets a compliment when ever I wear it. I plan to make a summery turquoise version inspired by the sea. 

Paul Ka ruffle necklace - OK so this is another necklace but its so quick to wizz up, I think it would look great in a clash of summer patterns -try paisley and ditzy flowers but  just keep the tones similar. These other designer DIY's would be great to make too,see here and here

DIY cushions - On the theme of spring cleaning, why not jazz your home up with a few new cushions. These are so quick to run up and don't even require a pattern. 

Anyone planning to make anything else? 

*some of these are from the blogs early days so I do cringe a little when I look at them but you've got to learn, right? 


  1. I cringe at my early blog posts/pictures. I totally get what you mean! I like the bow bracelet idea. I have some DIY projects that I want to get around to one of these days.


  2. They're so bad, can't believe what I posted! Thanks for comments I hope you get your DIY's done!

    Lotts x

  3. I love those ribbon necklaces or bracelets! So cute! I don't think you did a bad job at all! I just wanted to let you know that I am giving away a cute Cuddles the hedgehog necklace from Sphere of Life on my blog and anyone can enter. Hopefully you might want to check it out!

    1. Ahh thank you - did you give any of them a try?

      Lotts x


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