Last weekend...

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

...I went "Glamping"! So last weekend was my hen weekend, my two best friends and sisters organised a complete surprise for me. I'm not normally one to let go of control or not know what's happening so it was quite liberating. For months now none of us have been able to talk about it, its been like a huge white elephant in conversation but somehow we all managed to keep it a secret and not ask any questions. I knew nothing until I got there (queue tears) and it was everything I hoped it would be; lots of laughter, silliness, a butler in the buff (not pictured) and a whole heap of very special dancing (again not pictured). 

We stayed in a mix of bell tents, a yurt and a vintage airstream trailer, which was so cute. The girls decorated our area with a mix of flowers, rude words and pictures, all so thoughtful and very me!  And there were actual hens which I couldn't have been more excited about - I love chickens!

It wasn't all hanging around a campfire, we did some serious learning too. We had a wine tasting evening with a nearly naked butler, which caused an initial bit of blushing and then turned into "Carry On Wine Tasting" and thats all I remember... We did a great cake baking class too, it was just what we needed to rest of weary selves and we all came away with a new skill. These girls really do know me well, even on a weekend off I still have to be making something! It was a fantastic weekend and I felt so lucky to be in the company such amazing ladies, I really can't wait for the wedding now. 

I don't know all the details of the weekend but if you want to "Glamp" here's the campsite, they organised the wine tasting too. And here are the details of the Cupcake Workshop.


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