Floral Friday - Packing Prints

Friday, 13 April 2012

As a write this I know I should be packing, at 1pm I am being picked up to go on my hen weekend. Its possibly been the best kept secret of all time as I have absolutely no idea as to where I am going or what I am doing. The only down side is packing, so far I have been told to bring leggings and a vest, flip-flops, a towel, something fancy to wear out oh and possibly some walking boots (huh?) - do you see my dilema? I know its going to be a mad dash where I throw things around in a mild panic and wished I never asked to be surprised (only joking girls) until then I'm going to take a deep breath count to ten and pack an assortment of floral, leopard and shiny things until I can't fit any more in my bag. I have put some of my newly purchased prints above, as they'll all be coming along for the ride. 

Trunk - Trousers H&M
Case -  Blazer Zara

P.S - Check out the Tattly blog today, my DIY - Printed Jars are making an appearance, I'm so excited. 


  1. Hope it's amazing, I'm sure it will be! x

    1. Thanks Grace I'm sure there'll be lots of photos on FB. Hope alls good with you x


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