Brighten up!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Life seems so much better when you get home from work, its still light outside and the sun is shining. I have embraced the switch of seasons whole-heartedly by mainly wearing the brightest colours possible. My new neon scarf (below) has been making me friends for the past week, random strangers have been smiling at me on the street, even the normally stoney faced lady in the canteen started speaking to me and said I was probably the brightest dressed person in the office... which I took to be a massive compliment! Here are a few snap shots of what has been brightening my days. 
Blue earrings brought in New York
Pink neon scarf on sale here
Red tea light holders from here


  1. loving all these colours x

    1. Thanks Kirtsy - I think these are some of my all time favourite colours. x


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