DIY - D&G Coin Earrings

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Here's a bit of razzle for what has been a beautiful Thursday. Inspired by D&G coin earrings I have put together a simple DIY which would be ideal for anyone just getting into jewellery making, the main skill you need to have is to be able to open and close jump rings. If you don't fancy something as blingy as coins look for anything that has a hole in top, I think mother of pearl discs would look quite pretty as a beachy alternative. I have put the tutorial in pictures and words below. 

You'll need: Some gold chain (average size), 5mm jump rings, earring hooks and gold coins (I brought mine here via ebay)
Step 1: Cut your lengths of chain, 1x12cm 2 x 9cm per earring
Step 2: Starting in the centre of the longest chianfix your first coin using a jump ring. Working outwards fix a coin every three loops until you get to the end of the chain.
Repeat with your next piece of chain, this time spacing the coins every four loops 
Repeat again with your final piece of chain, this time spacing every five loops
Step 3: Open the loop on the base of your earring hook and link on your longest chain at one end, repeat with your next two pieces of chain (four space, five space).
Step 4: Link each piece of chain back on itself and then close the earring loop at the base of the earring hook (it might be a bit fiddle-y, but persevere) 
That's it your done - you're now ready to shimmy the night away. A word of warning, being, ahem, an Essex girl is see how wrong gold can go on a daily basis, these should be worn with a touch of irony. 


  1. Great idea and well made! I didn't know what an Essex girl was, haha, I had to google it. I agree-- wearing them at night and ironically would keep things from getting too naff. : )
    Erin @

    1. I hate to think what google pulled up on Essex girls!!! Thanks as always for your comments, glad you like! Lotts x


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