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Monday, 26 March 2012

I did something quite unheard of this weekend, I stepped away from my laptop and did other things, well mainly backcombed my hair. I actually got a chance to read a couple of the books I have been stockpiling by my bed. People keep asking me what I plan to do when all the wedding planning is over, they can't know me that well otherwise they'd know that I always have a few projects bubbling away...first up would be improving my photographic skills, my camera is pretty much attached to me but I would love to know how to make the most of it. After years of talking about it I actually want to set up an etsy shop and sell some of my jewels, this book is full useful information. I really want to do some more illustration, I started doing a few in the early days of the blog but would like to do more, this book is really inspiring. The last two books are both great too, the Diana Vreeland book is ideal for drifting off to a glamourous bygone era, of fashion and travel and the Ultimate Sewing Guide (on sale in TKMaxx) is full of useful sewing tips and guides like how to make curtains, I don't need to know right now but when I do this book has it covered. Here are the Amazon links , if you're interested. 


  1. Sometimes the weekends when you take a step back from the computer are the best ones.. I might have to do the same this weekend, I've fried my brain with computer use this week!

    love your blog, following xx

    1. You should, I would go back to work on Monday frazzled with sore eyes for too much laptop use but its hard with a blog addiction!

      Thanks for following, I have followed you back! xx


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