Sparkle, snake and sequins

Sunday, 26 February 2012

I have been so busy recently I feel like I haven't stopped, work and wedding planning seem to be taking over my whole life. Things were getting so mad I nearly forgot it was my birthday (it might be busy but it might be old age). Anyway I held off having wedding freak outs for a few nights to actually go out for some good dinners with friends and family. As I was putting all my gorgeous gifts away I realised how pretty they all looked together - can never go wrong with a generous dose of gold, snake and sequins.  Just so you know I don't often keep cakes in my shoe, this had gone a bit stale and kinda worked with all the other bits, the shoes were a gift to myself on sale in Zara I have wanted them since this early post and all the other items were presents, 29 is looking pretty good - thanks everyone!  


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