DIY - Paule Ka ruffle necklace

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

This is a great DIY for anyone who has a stash of ribbons that need to be used up or needs an excuse to buy more (I'd be the latter). When I saw these Paule Ka pieces in this months Vogue I was instantly drawn to the interesting patterns the loops of perspex made and thought that they'd be great translated into ribbon.  What I love about this necklace is its potential, I can't wait to make more mixing different widths, patterns and textures, how amazing would a clash of prints and stripes look? Ah, I can't wait to make more, my ribbon radar is now on high alert for some interesting mixes, I feel a trip to VV Rouleux coming on. Turtorial below.
Image - Vogue
You'll need a mix of ribbons (I used taffeta, cotton and satin), beads, chain (approx 1.2m), needle and thread and some jump rings
Start by treading your needle and taking the first piece of ribbon. Fold the end over by about 2-2.5cm and fasten the thread. A little tip if using a synthetic ribbon singe the end with a lighter to stop fraying
Fold the ribbon to make 4 loops (you can do more but I found 4 to be the most manageable) and push your needle and tread through to fasten. Cut the ribbon at the end of the last loop (and singe)
Add a bead and repeat the process using a different colour ribbon.
Keep repeating until you have a mix of colours and textures running through. 
My ribbon section was about 20cm, decide on a length thats right for you and tie off your tread. Make sure your ribbons are sitting snugly next to each other.
Stitch a jump ring to either end of the ribbon and loop through your chain (mine was about 60cm doubled). And you're done. I hope you enjoyed making and have got the bug to make more like I have.

The finished piece, I have mine displayed on my dressing mirror, I smile everytime I look at it, and dream of wearing with a floaty maxi wafting around when the summer comes.


  1. I LOVE this. You chose great colors! Great job!
    Erin @

    1. Thanks Erin! I really enjoyed this project but keep thinking about other options I can make. x

  2. This looks amazing, I'm going to make one to wear at London Fashion Week!

    1. Why thank you! Glad it has inspired you, if you do make one please send me a picture or a link I'd love to see, how it comes out. x

  3. that's so pretty! i love all the other necklaces you've made too

    1. Thank you - will you be having a go at making one yourself?! So glad you like them, I am planning to start selling after I get married in May so its good to get an idea of what works and what people like. Your comments really mean alot. x


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